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Be Strong Club – Art & Writing Contest for Teen DV Month 2017

art contest 1Be Strong Club, a youth empowerment club based at Dublin High School, partnered with Tri-Valley Haven to host a school-wide Art & Writing Contest in honor of Teen Dating Violence Awareness Month this February 2017.

Members of the club worked together to promote the event by distributing fliers at tabling events or during school hours, making daily announcements on the PA system, and personally announcing the contest to their peers in their classrooms. The contest encouraged students to create a poster, writing sample, or poem related to Teen Dating Violence!

A certificate and $25 gift card, which was kindly provided by Tri-Valley Haven, would be given to the top entry in each of the three categories. The categories the club selected are:

• Healthy and/or Unhealthy Teen Dating Relationship
• Bystander Intervention
• Dating Violence towards Men

Be Strong Club received a number of artistic student entries, and after careful consideration, the club chose a winner in each category. The winners were invited to attend a Be Strong Club meeting to be commemorated for their creative contribution, receive their prize, and participate in a short Q&A about their submissions.
The category winners, along with their responses on the Q&A portion, are as followed:
Healthy and/or Unhealthy Teen Dating Relationship

Winner: Michael Zapawa
Untitled Song Entry
Category: Healthy and/or Unhealthy Dating Relationship

Winner: Tanmayi Amanchi
Untitled Poster
Category: Bystander Intervention
Note: The participant was unable to attend club meeting and was given her prize, on a different date, by a Be Strong member.

Winner: Angelica Hom
Writing piece titled “Memories Flow”
Category: Dating Violence Towards Men

Contest winners were awarded their prizes during the Be Strong Club’s meeting at the end of the February. We are so grateful to everyone who participated! You can view our winning entries under the “Read More” tag!


Wear #Orange4Love for Healthy Teen Relationships with Tri-Valley Haven

Logo 302x270Did you know February is Teen Dating Violence Awareness Month? Let’s look back at our many teen events in February!

Teen DV Month (sometimes called TDVAM) is a national effort to raise awareness about abuse in teen and 20-something relationships and promote programs that prevent it. Orange is the national color for teen dating violence awareness.

In February, Tri-Valley Haven partnered with local high schools to celebrate healthy relationships and take action to help spread awareness and prevent dating violence! We reached out to schools to host Wear Orange Days to encourage students to wear orange in honor of Teen DV Month. Students could wear orange shirts, nail polish, ribbons, jewelry, shoes or anything else they could think of!

Prevention staff at Tri-Valley Haven also created an all-orange photo corner with photo props, a backdrop, and photo frames, for students to take pictures on themselves on Wear Orange Day. They were encouraged to get involved in the national #Orange4Love social media campaign and post their pictures on their social media sites using the hashtags #tdvam #orange4love #tvh4respect #tvh4love #teendvmonth.

For students who do not own any orange items, orange ribbons were available for them to take and pin on to their shirt in solidarity.


Wear Orange Day Events

Tri-Valley Haven – Staff


Before the prevention team took the photo corner to the schools, they hosted a Wear Orange Day for TVH staff on Valentine’s Day! Staff was delighted to celebrate healthy relationships in such an enjoyable manner and even more thrilled to be able to keep a Polaroid picture as a souvenir!

Dublin High School – Be Strong Club

img_0995Tri-Valley Haven partnered with Be Strong Club, a youth empowerment group at Dublin High School, to organize a schoolwide Wear Orange Day! Members of the club dedicated their meetings to create photo props for the photo corner, and personalize orange club shirts in honor of Teen Dating Violence! Be Strong Club member Kim said, “Not many people own clothing that is orange, yet the color orange stands out and that is what Be Strong Club is about…our club wants to be noticed and our orange club shirts will let us spread awareness on Teen Dating Violence all year.” Be Strong Club is committed to spreading awareness on Teen Dating Violence that they purposefully chose the color orange as a symbol for their club shirts and brochure!img_0984

The club members did their part to make this event a success! During lunch they walked around campus to get students to the photo corner and they came up with the idea to bring photo props to their peers to make it easier for them to take a picture from where they were at. At the photo corner, club members stood by as photographers to take pictures of students on their cell phones, and they also took on the role as “bubble blowers” to add a special effect to student’s pictures!

Be Strong Clu also hosted a schoolwide Art & Writing Contest in honor of Teen Dating Violence Awareness Month this February  – stay tuned for another blog post about the winners!

Granada High School – Health Club

granada-wear-orange-day-9Tri-Valley Haven partnered with the Granada Health Club, a student group focused on health and wellness, to organize a schoolwide Wear Orange Day at Granada High School! Although the Health Club has a lot of school events planned for March, they were excited to collaborate with Tri-Valley Haven to host a Wear Orange Day in February. They worked hard to promote the event, distributing fliers and collaborating with the leadership classes to add statistics about teen dating violence to the daily school announcements throughout the month.granada-wear-orange-day-5

During the event, students were invited to sign Healthy Relationships Heart Pledges and get involved in the national #Orange4Love social media campaign. Members of the club created a special fabric backdrop for Granada’s Wear Orange Day that we used as part of our #Orange4Love Photo Corner. Afterwards, the Healthy Relationships Heart Pledges were displayed at their school.

Tri-Valley Haven loved working with the Granada Health Club and we hope to organize more awareness-raising events with these amazing students!

Foothill High School – Girl Up Club

wear-orange-day-at-foothill-taken-by-amira-2Tri-Valley Haven partnered with Girl Up Club, an all-girls club at Foothill High School, that raise awareness about issues that marginalized women and girls face globally and advocate for the rights of these women, and girls, by utilizing the talent, energy, and compassion of Foothill High students. Tri-Valley Haven and Girl Up Club have had the opportunity to work together in the past to host schoolwide events to raise awareness on issues that affect women, such as International Day of Elimination of Violence Against Women in November.wear-orange-day-at-foothill-taken-by-amira-12

Girl Up club distributed fliers to promote Wear Orange Day at their school and they fundraised to buy orange beaded necklaces to distribute to students at their high school to encourage participation and empower students to take a stand against teen dating violence. The club also brougwear-orange-day-at-foothill-taken-by-amira-8ht a personal camera to take pictures of students at the photo corner to post on the Foothill High School Website.

Tri-Valley Haven is thrilled to continue collaborating with Girl Up to continue spreading awareness on issues that affect women globally!


img_0102Cathy is a Bilingual Sexual Assault Advocate and Preventionist at Tri-Valley Haven.  For more information about how you can support our violence prevention programs in local schools, please call our office at (925) 449-5845 or visit http://www.trivalleyhaven.org

Tri-Valley Haven Raises Awareness During SAAM!

617-MThis April marks the 15th Anniversary of Sexual Assault Awareness Month (SAAM)! Tri Valley Haven has many opportunities to get involved and help prevent violence this month and all throughout the year!

Sexual Assault Awareness Month is about raising awareness about sexual violence in communities across the world, while providing tools and resources on how to prevent sexual violence. With nearly 1 in 5 women and 1 in 71 men in the United States experiencing rape or attempted rape, now is the time to use our voices to stop the violence (1).

 Sexual assault is a public health issue that affects women, men, children, families, and communities.  Many survivors of sexual assault experience various effects as a result of their assault. Short term effects may include guilt, shame, fear, shock, and feelings of isolation. Long term effects may include long-term health risks such as PTSD, depression, eating disorders, possible STIs and pregnancy (2). However healing is possible when survivors have support!

At the Haven, we work hard to support survivors in every way possible. While we work to prevent sexual assault and create awareness in our community, we also provide counseling services, support groups, advocacy during hospital visits or police interviews, and a 24/7 crisis line (1-800-884-8119) for support at any hour of the day.12670680_1302620933099545_5394337262680266702_n

Together we can end sexual assault. If you are interested in getting involved and being a part of the solution, here is a list of SAAM events offered or collaborated on by Tri-Valley Haven.

We hope you’ll join us in striving to create safe, respectful, thoughtful, violence-free communities!

Tri-Valley Haven SAAM Community Events:

For more information, please call (925) 449-5845 or visit our website: www.trivalleyhaven.org


Amanda is a Bilingual Sexual Assault Advocate at Tri-Valley Haven.  For more information about upcoming events or services, please call our office at (925) 449-5845 or visit http://www.trivalleyhaven.org


1. Black, M. C., Basile, K. C., Breiding,M. J., Smith, S. G., Walters, M. L., Merrick, M. T., Stevens,  M. R. (2011). National Intimate Partner and Sexual Violence Survey: 2010 summary  report. Retrieved from the National Center for Injury Prevention and Control, Centers for Disease Control and Prevention:    http://www.cdc.gov/violenceprevention/pdf/nisvs_report2010-a.pdf]
2. NSVRC, 2016. Sexual Assault Awareness Month. National Sexual Violence Resource Center. Retrieved  from http://www.nsvrc.org/sites/default/files/saam_one-pager.pdf

Changing the Culture: How Do We Prevent Dating Violence and Sexual Assault?

HLogo 302x270ow do we prevent dating violence and sexual assault?

While there is no easy, one-size-fits-all answer to this question, Tri-Valley Haven offers a dedicated Prevention Education Program for teens. We hope that by educating local youth about dating violence prevention, we can prevent domestic violence in future generations.

As the lead Preventionist, I visit local schools with a dedicated team of volunteers to educate teens about healthy relationships, dating abuse and bullying prevention, and bystander intervention  year-round. We offer classroom presentations, lunchtime school events,  parent workshops and staff training through the program.

In our classroom presentations, we help students focus on healthy relationships, personal boundaries, assertive communication and safe and effective bystander intervention strategies. We approach all of these topics in age-appropriate way and tailor each presentation to fit the school because know each school community is unique.

How can you support our prevention efforts?

  • Request a presentation. If you work with a group of teens, consider scheduling a presentation for your club, after-school program, religious youth group or community group! Contact our Preventionists at (925) 667-2727 or visit www.trivalleyhaven.org
  • Donate to our Prevention Education Program. We currently provide presentations to local Tri-Valley area high schools and Livermore middle schools. Next year we hope to expand our program to include all Tri-Valley area middle schools. You can make this possible by donating to our prevention efforts.

Tri-Valley Haven’s heart pledges at Dublin High School last year.

3a92488In addition to providing advocacy for survivors of sexual assault, Jessie is the lead Preventionist for our Prevention Education Program at Tri-Valley Haven. Learn more about our teen presentations our Teen page on our website.

Thank You For Always Supporting Us

“Let our New Year’s resolution be this: we will be there for one another as fellow members of humanity, in the finest sense of the word.” – Goran Persson

Thanks to your support, look at what Tri-Valley Haven achieved in a year!

  • Over 4,000 calls received through our 24-hour crisis line
  • 344 Clients received safe shelter through our Domestic Violence and Homeless shelters
  • 181 Children received safe shelter through our Domestic Violence and Homeless shelters
  • 4,455 Local Residents in Economic Need assisted at our Food Pantry
  • 227 Survivors of Sexual Assault served through our Rape Crisis Center
  • 3,979 Tri-Valley Students & Community Members received prevention education classes to prevent dating abuse, sexual assault, bullying and more!
  • 4,094 Local Residents in Economic Need signed up for food and gifts through our Holiday Program for Thanksgiving and December Holidays

Clothesline Project at Tri-Valley Haven

But New Year’s Day is more than just a time of looking backward on the previous year.  It’s also about taking the lessons learned from that year and applying them to the year that is coming toward us as fast and surely as the sunrise itself.  It’s about revisiting our core values and saying, “This is who we are. This is who we want to be. And this is what we commit to in the days and weeks and months to come.”

We serve more than the numbers in our emails or blog posts.  Each number is a man, a woman, a child.  Each number is a person who is struggling forward, emerging from pain, dealing with their past, looking toward a brighter future.  Our work here at Tri-Valley Haven is simply this: to be there to support, encourage and provide aid so that each person who comes to us is better able to heal; better able to hope; better able to move forward into their new year in safety and strength.

Thanks to your generosity, Tri-Valley Haven can help women, children and families build a new life, free from violence!" A New Life" was created at the therapeutic art group in our domestic violence shelter!

We could not have fulfilled our work at the Haven last year without your help.  We could not have fulfilled it all these years stretching into our past without the help of people like you.  And we cannot do this work in the year to come without you standing by our side.

Thank you.  Every single one of you.  We hope you had a safe, loving, hopeful and prosperous New Year.

Welcome, 2016!

Sexual Assault Awareness Month – Tri-Valley Haven’s Events Calendar

In 2001, April was officially designated as National Sexual Assault Awareness Month (#SAAM) in the U.S. This month, Tri-Valley Haven is hosting a number of events to raise awareness and support survivors – and you can also get involved!

Pace for Peace – Hope Run
Saturday, April 18 at 8 am (registration starts at 7 am)

Want to support local survivors in our community and Tri-Valley Haven services? Please join us on Saturday, April 18, for a fun Pace for Peace – Hope Run (5K/10K walk/run) through Livermore’s beautiful wine country! This event directly benefits Tri-Valley Haven’s services for survivors of sexual assault, domestic violence, homelessness and hunger. Start/Finish is at Tri-Valley Haven, 3663 Pacific Avenue in Livermore.

You can register to run now at our Active.com site! Or you can directly download a printable version of our sign-up sheet here at this link.

Remember to share why you will #PaceForPeace on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram!

Las Positas/ Tri-Valley Haven SAAM Event
Thursday, April 23 at 11 am

The Sexual Assault Awareness Month (SAAM) 2015 campaign focuses on campus sexual violence prevention. Help Tri-Valley Haven and Las Positas College create communities that prevent violence and build campuses that respond well. Everyone can play a role in creating safer campuses and take action to prevent sexual violence.

Tri-Valley Haven’s Las Positas Event will take place at the Quad at Las Positas College, 3000 Campus Hill Drive, Livermore starting at 11 am on April 23rd. It will feature resources for survivors of sexual violence, information about campus sexual assault, prevention, healthy sexuality, and consent.

Candlelight March
Commemorating Sexual Assault Awareness Month
Friday, April 24 at 7pm

Stand against sexual assault and show your solidarity with survivors in our local community! Join us for a Candlelight March Commemorating Sexual Assault Awareness Month on Friday, April 24th at 7 pm in Downtown Livermore. The march will take place along First Street, in Livermore. Meet at Lizzy Fountain Park, on the corner of First St and Livermore Avenue in Downtown Livermore.

Parking is available in the lot behind the stores. For more information, please call (925) 449-5845.

Denim Day
Wednesday, April 29

Denim Day was originally a protest against a ruling by the Italian Supreme Court where a rape conviction was overturned because the judges felt that the victim could not have been raped since she was wearing tight jeans. The following day, women in the Italian Parliament came to work wearing jeans in solidarity with the victim. Unfortunately, similar stories occur every day in the Unites States. Denim Day has became an international campaign against victim-blaming.

Every year, Tri-Valley Haven staff and volunteers participate in Denim Day. We will be wearing blue jeans, as well as Denim Day buttons and stickers, encouraging people to ask us about Denim Day. Get involved by sharing why you’re wearing jeans on April 29. Post pictures of your jeans to social media and remember to tag @Tri-ValleyHaven and #DenimDay!

The Clothesline Project at Tri-Valley Haven
Monday-Thursday, 9 am – 5 pm

The Clothesline Project was started by a group of women in Cape Cod, Massachusetts in 1990 to spread awareness about violence against women. Survivors were invited to decorate a t-shirt, expressing their story through words and art. These t-shirts were hung on a clothesline display to honor survivors and spread awareness. Now rape crisis centers, domestic violence centers and college campuses in U.S display their own individual Clothesline Projects every year.

Come see Tri-Valley Haven’s Clotheslines Project display at our Community Building, 3663 Pacific Avenue, Livermore. T-shirts from local survivors and their loved ones will be displayed throughout the month during our business hours.


Teen Dating Violence Awareness at Dublin High School

February is Teen Dating Violence Awareness Month, so Tri-Valley Haven headed out to Dublin High School to spread awareness last week. Together the Haven joined Mrs. Slavec and the Be Strong Girls Group to educate teens about dating violence. Students pledged to engage in healthy relationships and received information about dating abuse and the Be Strong Girls Group.

Be Strong is an empowerment group for girls in high school. Tri-Valley Haven facilitates monthly group meetings and provide a open, safe space for the girls to discuss different topics related to gender, self-esteem and leadership. For our Teen Dating Violence Awareness event, each girl was responsible for organizing a part of the event. They also played a vital role in spreading the word about the event ahead of time and encouraging their classmates to participate.

When we hear discussions about dating violence, they often focus on adults who have been in abusive relationship. However 1 in 3 teens in the U.S. has experienced physical, sexual, emotional or verbal abuse by a dating partner.

Dublin HS BeStrong Teen Dating Awareness Month Event 111This is why Tri-Valley Haven is dedicated to educating teens about healthy relationships and the warning signs of abuse. We provide a safe space for teens to discuss what they see happening at their school and how they can keep themselves safe – emotionally and physically.

Thanks to Mrs. Slavec and our Be Strong Girls Group, our Tri-Valley Haven Teen Dating Violence Awareness Event was a success! It was inspiring to witness the Be Strong girls educating their classmates about this issue. After the event, we displayed the pledges on the doors and windows of the school library as part of Teen Dating Violence Awareness Month.

Talking to Teens about Dating Violence and Bullying in Pleasanton High Schools

“10/10! Would do it again!”

“It was very helpful, especially since this is becoming more common.”

“We haven’t learned much about this yet, so it was great to learn about it!”

“I liked how the presenters were open and not scared to talk about anything.”

“I really thought this inspired me to take action because I noticed some random person online for being called a “b—–” for so-called bullying that they didn’t even do. I feel like standing up that person [who is being cyberbullied] now, as it wasn’t their fault.”

“I felt that Tri-Valley Haven is there for me.”

These are some of the comments we received from ninth-graders after our Healthy Relationships and Bullying Prevention presentations at Foothill High School and Amador High School in Pleasanton this semester.

During the school year, I visit local middle schools and high schools to talk to teens about healthy relationships, teen dating violence and bullying in an age-appropriate way. At the end of each presentation, I hand out surveys to see how effective our presentations are and get anonymous feedback from the students.

Recently we lost all federal and state funding for our youth education programs due to a cut in California funding. As a result, we’ve had to trim many of our presentations down from 2-day classes to 1-day condensed classes in Livermore and Dublin schools. Fortunately, the Pleasanton Youth Commission has continued to fund our Prevention Education program. Thanks to their generosity, we are able to continue providing 2-day presentations to health classes at Pleasanton schools.


During our full 2-day presentations, we have the opportunity to do more activities with the students to talk about these topics. One of our most popular activities is called “What Would You Do?” During this activity, we read out different scenarios about dating violence or bullying. Then we ask students move to different corners of the room depending on whether they would do nothing (no intervention), step in on their own (primary intervention) or get help (secondary intervention). After each scenario, students get a chance to share what they might do.

Wow, does this activity get teens talking!

Whether we’re talking about dating violence or bullying, each student brings their own unique perspective into the conversation. Sometimes students disagree with their classmates’ suggestions for intervention; other times the entire class ends up standing in the same corner of the room. Many of the classes I visited at Foothill High and Amador High had a lot to say during this activity.

In one class, I asked students what they might do if they witnessed a guy violently shove a girl to the ground on their way to class. Many of the guys in the class said they would step in and confront the guy. In contrast, several of the girls said they would feel more comfortable getting help from a trusted adult or friend. A few of these girls mentioned that they would be afraid of getting hurt if they tried to confront a male student.

Then I told students to imagine the same scenario with one detail changed: “What would you do if you saw a girl shove a guy to the ground?”

Almost every girl said they would feel comfortable talking to the abusive student (in this scenario, another girl) by themselves. However nearly all of the guys said they would be hesitant to intervene. When I asked why, many of them said they wouldn’t know what to say or do in this situation. One student even admitted, “I’ve never heard of this happening to guys.”

This sparked a discussion between the students about assumptions or expectations we might have about who can or cannot be a victim of violence. Many of the students have been encouraged to take a stand against bullying in the past. But often our presentations are the first time students have had the chance to discuss what intervening might actually entail. As presenters, we encourage students to think of intervening indirectly, such as asking for help from a teacher or friend, as well as being assertive.

One of the handouts students fill out before we start our presentations. (via Instagram)

During the conversation, one of the guys mentioned that he would be worried about embarrassing the victim (another guy) if he told the abusive student to stop. So we discussed other ways he might intervene, such as getting help from a teacher so he didn’t have to directly intervene or checking in with the male student in private after the incident.

One of the girls who felt comfortable intervening even suggested, “You could ask one of us for help.”

Isn’t it amazing how one scenario can prompt so many different opinions? Many of the other classes had similar discussions about this particular scenario. As I tell the students, there is no “right” answer when we do this activity. There are many ways students can safely intervene when they see dating violence or bullying happen at their school.

It’s just a matter of getting students to consider their options.

3a92488 In addition to providing advocacy for survivors of sexual assault, Jessie is the newest presenter for our Prevention Education Program at Tri-Valley Haven. Learn more about our teen presentations our Teen page on our website.

Tri-Valley Haven’s Highlights of 2014

Without your generosity, we could not continue to provide vital shelter and support services to women, children and families in need throughout the Tri-Valley area. Every successful program and event at Tri-Valley Haven is made possible thanks to our local community. We are so very grateful for your support.

Before we jump into the New Year, let’s look at some highlights of 2014!

  • 2,600+ calls received on Tri-Valley Haven’s crisis line! That’s almost 10 calls every day, from women, children and families in need.
  • 267 clients served at our Domestic Violence Shelter! With 30 beds, Tri-Valley Haven’s Shiloh Domestic Violence Shelter houses and supports women and their children who are survivors of domestic violence.
  • 245 clients served through our Rape Crisis Center! Survivors of sexual assault receive advocacy and crisis counseling from state-certified advocates through our Rape Crisis Center.
  • 96 clients served at our Homeless Shelter! Sojourner House is the only homeless shelter in the Tri-Valley Area that accepts two-parent families, single fathers with children, and families with teenage boys.
  • 249 clients received counseling at Tri-Valley Haven! Tri-Valley Haven offers counseling and support group services to empower and support survivors of domestic violence and sexual assault.
  • Almost 30,000 visits to our Food Pantry! Each month, the Tri-Valley Haven Food Pantry distributes free groceries to more than 4,000 low-income Tri-Valley residents.
  • 70+ volunteers trained during this year! No only did we train over 30 new volunteers as crisis line and sexual assault advocates, we also trained volunteers for our food pantry, thrift store and childcare services.
  • 40+ incarcerated survivors served by our Rape Crisis Center! Now incarcerated survivors at Santa Rita Jail and FCI-Dublin are able to contact our 24-hour toll-free crisis line and request advocacy services through our agency.
  • 150+ walkers/runners participated in our annual Pace for Pace event! In the past, Pace for Peace has been a smaller event (averaging about 30 participants a year), so we were floored when over 150 participants signed up to show their support for Tri-Valley Haven.
  • $2,000 raised for Tri-Valley Haven during #GivingTuesday! On December 2nd, our Tri-Valley community joined the new tradition of generosity after Thanksgiving and Black Friday. This was TVH’s first year participating and we received $2,000 in donations!
  • 4,036 individual family members signed up for our annual Holiday Program! With your support, we were able to provide food and gifts to over 900 local families in need this holiday season. Our Tri-Valley community went above and beyond this holiday season.
  • 1 incredibly moving experience at a middle school!  After one of our presentations on healthy relationships and bullying prevention at a local middle school in Livermore, a 12-year-old told our staff that no one had ever talked to them about ways to stay safe and prevent bullying. To thank TVH, the student gave the Preventionist .30¢ as a “a tip.”

With your help, we’ll raise funds to bring hope, healing and safety for women, children and families recovering from domestic violence, sexual assault and homelessness in 2015.

Make your 2014 tax-deductible donation by midnight to help Tri-Valley Haven to meet our fundraising goals this year, to enable our services to continue forward next year.

Together we can build a world without violence!

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Thank You For Making A Difference!

GT_2014Web-Banner_250x250_Red-150x150Thank you for supporting Tri-Valley Haven on #GivingTuesday, December 2, 2014! Your donations benefit our clients who are healing from domestic violence, sexual assault, homelessness and hunger. Together our community raised almost $2,000!

We are so grateful to have the support of a compassionate, generous community. It’s beautiful to see so many people take a stand against domestic violence, sexual assault and poverty. Your generosity impacts each and every client we serve, ensuring they have a safe place at Tri-Valley Haven when they have nowhere else safe to go.

After the kindness shown this week, imagine if every day was #GivingTuesday in our community. Imagine how much more peaceful our community would be if we dedicated ourselves to taking a stand against violence not once-a-year, but every day. Imagine how many more families in need we would be able to serve if we continued giving back in small and large ways throughout the year.

There are many ways you can continue to support Tri-Valley Haven and our clients throughout the year. If you missed #GivingTuesday this week, you can still make a donation to Tri-Valley Haven. Visit our website to learn how you can give back to vital shelter and support services for families in need.

If you participated in #GivingTuesday and want to keep this new tradition of generosity alive, here are some additional ways you can support Tri-Valley Haven and all those we serve in the upcoming year:

  • Support local families through our Holiday Program. We are still accepting new toys, unopened wrapping paper and Safeway Gift Cards for local families in need through December 9th. Items can be dropped off Monday and Tuesday, December 8th and 9th from 10 am – 4 pm at our Holiday Program: Asbury Church, 4743 East Avenue in Livermore. You can view our Holiday Wish List here.
  • Attend our special community events. Tri-Valley Haven hosts several special events throughout the year and you’re invited to join us! Attend our events during Sexual Assault Awareness Month in April and Domestic Violence Awareness Month in October. Sign up for our annual Pace for Peace walk/run in October. Browse our annual Holiday Craft Fair in November.
  • Organize a collection drive. We are often in-need of items (such as personal hygiene products, cleaning products and gift cards) for clients staying in our domestic violence and homeless shelters. To learn about our most recent supply needs, contact our front office at 925.449.5845.
  • Volunteer to make a difference. We have many volunteer opportunities for adults and teens. Volunteer at our special events, food pantry, and thrift store – or even go through our 65-hour training course to become an advocate who works directly with the families we help!
  • Stay connected. Sign up for our e-newsletter by emailing Carolyn@trivalleyhaven.org. Follow our social media pages on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram to learn about Haven happenings and upcoming opportunities to give back to the Tri-Valley community.

We are humbled by the support we received for #GivingTuesday. Here at Tri-Valley Haven, we will continue to give back to survivors and families in need year-round.

Thank you for joining us!

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