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About Prevention, Power & Peace

Prevention, Power & Peace – P3 – is a blog about preventing date rape and sexual assault.  It is managed by Tri-Valley Haven, a domestic violence shelter, rape crisis center and homeless shelter in the Tri-Valley Area of California.

This blog will be a regularly updated source for a wide variety of information related to engaging bystanders in sexual assault prevention, as well as other means and techniques for preventing sexual violence.  We hope that you bookmark the blog (or add us to your RSS feed) and check back regularly. We will be collecting information from the vast online world to bring you useful resources. What will make this blog even better, though, is your feedback and participation.

Because this blog is a safe place, Tri-Valley Haven reserves the right to moderate comments for the safety and well-being of those who use the site.  If you are in danger, please do not contact us via this blog–it is possible you can be stalked online.  If you are in immediate danger, call 911.  If you wish to speak about a situation you need help with, please call Tri-Valley Haven at (800) 884-8119.

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