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Raising Awareness about Sexual Assault this SAAM

April is National Sexual Assault Awareness Month (SAAM) 

We know that everyone has something that they’re passionate about, and our passion is building a world without violence. Sexual Assault Awareness Month is dedicated to raising awareness about sexual violence that is occurring in communities all around the world (including your own), while also offering tools and resources on how to prevent this kind of violence.


There is a widely accepted misconception that sexual assault is a female issue, but I assure you that is inaccurate. Violence does not discriminate. 1 in every 6 women and 1 in every 33 men have experienced an attempted or completed rape in their lifetime1.  Sexual assault is a public issue that affects women, men, children, families, and communities.

Survivors of sexual assault experience a widespread of reactions. Short term effects can be feelings of guilt, shame, fear, shock, and isolation. Long term struggles may include PTSD, depression, eating disorders, and the potential for STIs and/or pregnancy2. However, healing is possible when support is available!

We, at the Haven, work tirelessly to support survivors in any manner that we can. Counseling services, support groups, advocacy, and a 24/7 crisis line (1-800-884-8119) are offered, in addition to our efforts to prevent sexual assault and create awareness in our community. We are strong when we are united, and together is how we eradicate violence.

To put things in perspective: every 98 seconds someone in the United States is assaulted. By the time you’ve finished reading this blog, think of how many people have been affected2
You can help support survivors and contribute to prevention efforts for sexual assault!


If you’d like to get involved with us, here’s what we’ve got going on this month:

  • April 7th: Annual Spring Pace for Peace 5k/10k through Livermore vineyards. If you’d like to participate as a runner, sign up here. If you’d like to volunteer for this event, ask for Lynne at (925)449-5845.
  • April 20th: Candelight March in downtown Livermore. This event is free to attend and will start at 7:00pm at Panama Red Coffee.
  • April 25th: Denim Day! Denim Day is a day when community members, survivors, caregivers, students, elected officials, and businesses wear denim as a visible statement in support of survivors and against misconceptions about sexual assault.
  • April 25th: LunaFest films at the Vine Cinemas. It began as a traveling film festival celebrating, showcasing, and championing women in film. They have created a platform for women’s untold stories and all proceeds from this showing of LunaFest go to benefit Tri-Valley Haven.

If you or someone you know is struggling in healing from trauma due to sexual assault, sexual trafficking, or domestic violence, Tri-Valley Haven offers counseling and support groups to survivors of domestic violence and sexual assault. To make your first appointment or find out more about the groups, please call us at (925) 449-5845.

1. Department of Justice, Office of Justice Programs, Bureau of Justice Statistics, Socio-emotional Impact of Violent Crime (2014).

  1. Department of Justice, Office of Justice Programs, Bureau of Justice Statistics, National Crime Victimization Survey, 2010-2014 (2015).


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Megan is a Sexual Assault Advocate and Preventionist at Tri-Valley Haven.  For more information about how you can support our life-saving services for survivors and families, please call our office at (925) 449-5845 or visit http://www.trivalleyhaven.org

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  1. Tri-Valley Haven is putting on some amazing events this April!


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