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The Many Forms of Bullying National Bullying Prevention Month

Bullying someone does not only mean pushing them down, or knocking their books off their desk. Bullying includes verbal threats, insults, or excluding someone.

In second grade I was bullied for being a Latina. The majority of my classmates were Caucasian so I stood out with my dark hair and tan skin. I will never forget the day when one of my classmates picked up a book in the library with an African American girl on the cover and told me that I looked like her. The little girl on the book was beautiful, but she and I did not look the same. It was painful to be bullied because I didn’t look like the bully and her friends. I am now 23 years old and remember this day vividly, not because I was told that I look African American but because I was bullied for being myself.


1 out of every 5 students report being bullied. National Bullying Prevention Month is a nationwide campaign which began in October 2006. The campaign held every October unites communities around the world to educate and raise awareness of bullying prevention. This campaign has grown from an initial week-long event to a worldwide effort with thousands of individuals participating in multiple activities throughout October. Hundreds of schools, major corporations, and many celebrities have joined the movement. Take action and show that you care about kids being safe at school, while online, and in the community.

Tri-Valley Haven participates in National Bullying Prevention Month by providing anti-bullying education to middle and high schools throughout the Tri-Valley. Tri-Valley Haven is a domestic violence, sexual assault, and homeless services agency. Our mission is creating homes free from abuse. Prevention is key to this mission. To find out more abour the Haven please see our website:www.trivalleyhaven.org .


13567387_1370839872944317_6997413181642019213_n.jpgThis blog post was written by TVH Preventionist, Nicole. For more information about how you can support our life-saving services for survivors and families, please call our office at (925) 449-5845 or visit http://www.trivalleyhaven.org

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