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Personal Hope and Healing in the New Year with Tri-Valley Haven

January marks the start of a new calendar year. For many people, it’s also symbolic of a new start. It represents a new year and a new chance to make changes to make the coming year better than the last. People are turning the page to a new chapter in their lives — a chapter they hope will be better than the last!

Many New Year’s resolutions focus on personal lifestyle changes that people hope will make their futures brighter and better. Some of the most popular New Year’s resolutions involve physical health, but emotional and mental health is just as important! Improving your mental or emotional health can affect your stress levels and the quality of your relationships with others and yourself. Tri-Valley Haven is here to help you in your resolution of hope and healing this new year.  


If your resolution is to heal
Tri-Valley Haven offers a wide variety of services aimed at
enabling individuals to do more than merely heal from physical and mental abuse. The services are designed to help individuals on their journey of growing healthy again and moving forward positively, in both body and soul.

TVH Services include:


  • Rape Crisis Center: TVH addresses the emotional and practical needs of sexual assault victims, helping survivors through the emotional, medical, and legal processes following an assault. In assisting with crisis intervention, in-person/follow-up counseling, and advocacy and referral services, the Center’s advocates keep survivor information completely confidential. The term “advocate” is appropriate: we are there for the survivor.
  • Domestic Violence Services: With 30 beds, TVH’s Shiloh Domestic Violence Shelter houses and supports women and their children who are victims of domestic violence. Situated in a safe and confidential location, the house provides in-house groups and counseling, case management, emergency food, clothing, and personal items.
    If you are seeking shelter, please call our crisis line at 925.449.5842 or 800.884.8119.
  • Restraining Order Clinic: Assistance is provided to clients in preparing the paperwork to apply for a temporary restraining order. The client is given information about how how to file the order with the court and have the restrained person served after approval. They provide information about the court process and can accompany clients to court to provide support, however they are not lawyers. All services are free of charge. Drop-in, no appointment necessary.
    • Tuesday, 5:30 PM, Tri-Valley Haven Pleasanton Satellite Offices
    • Thursday, 2:00 PM — 4:00 PM, Tri-Valley Haven Community Building 

      For more information on the Restraining Order Clinic, call our Legal Services Advocates at (925) 449-5847 x206.


  • Homeless Services: The Haven’s 16-bed Sojourner House provides temporary shelter for homeless families in a safe, supportive environment. With separate bedrooms for family units, a stocked kitchen, three full baths, and laundry facilities, Sojourner House is the only homeless shelter in the Tri-Valley Area that accepts two-parent families, single fathers with children, and families with teenage boys.
  • Counseling Services and Support Groups: Tri-Valley Haven offers a variety of counseling and support group services in the belief that while healing is the necessary first step in re-building broken lives, more help must be made available to empower people to regain their sense of self, their sense of pride, and their sense of accomplishment.


      1. Individual Counseling: We offer one-on-one therapy sessions for both adults and children, to address all domestic violence or sexual assault-related issues. Counseling sessions are initially free, and then available on a sliding scale.
      2. Domestic Violence Support Group: Tri-Valley Haven offers a Domestic Violence Support Group for survivors of domestic violence. This is a 8-week closed group, meaning participants must sign up in advance.
      3. Sexual Assault Support Group: Tri-Valley Haven offers a Sexual Assault Support Group for survivors of domestic violence. This is a 8-week closed group, meaning participants must sign up in advance. To schedule your first appointment, please call (925) 449-5845.


  • Food pantry: Each month, the Tri-Valley Haven Food Pantry distributes free groceries to more than 4,000 low-income Tri-Valley residents. The Haven’s permanent Food Pantry — located at the Mar Thoma Church, at 418 Junction Avenue in Livermore — serves as a gateway to our suite of homeless services.

    • Food Pantry Hours are Monday – Wednesday 1PM – 5PM, Thursdays from 1 PM – 7 PM, and Fridays from 12 PM – 4 PM. 

      Call the Haven’s Food Pantry for more information at (925) 449-1664.


  • Parenting Support: Parents Creating Change (PCC) allows parents with children under five to discuss parenting issues and obtain information and/or referrals as needed in one-on-one sessions, offered through the Every Child Counts grant (funded by First 5 Alameda County).

    For more information, contact our Community Building at (925) 449-5845.

Tri-Valley Haven hopes to be a part of your journey toward hope and healing this new year. 



If you are seeking crisis counseling or are seeking shelter, please call our crisis line at 925.449.5842 or 800.884.8119.

You can reach our counseling and administrative offices at 925.449.5845

Our Food Pantry‘s phone number is 925.449.1664

Our Community Building is located at:  3663 Pacific Avenue      Livermore, CA 94550

Our Pleasanton Office is by appointment only.

Our Thrift Store116 N. L Street, Livermore CA, 94550 Open 7 days a week, 10 AM- 6 PM

Donations ONLY accepted between 11:00 AM – 3:00 PM Phone: (925) 449-1177


Adriana is a Bilingual Sexual Assault Advocate and Human Trafficking Specialist at Tri-Valley Haven.  For more information about how you can support our life-saving services for survivors and families, please call our office at (925) 449-5845 or visit http://www.trivalleyhaven.org

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