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Helping Others Heal in the New Year with Tri-Valley Haven

January marks the start of a new calendar year. For many people, it’s also symbolic of a new start. It represents a new year and a new chance to make changes to make the coming year better than the last. People are turning the page to a new chapter in their lives — and many of them need support in doing so.

Volunteering and donating at the Haven takes many shapes, but every form makes a critical contribution to our mission of creating homes safe from abuse, and building a world without violence. We help people in need to heal and re-grow; is there a more important calling? Tri-Valley Haven is here to guide you contributing to helping others heal in the new year, because it is together that we build a world without violence.


If your resolution is to help others heal Tri-Valley Haven offers a wide variety of services aimed at enabling individuals to do more than merely heal from physical and mental abuse that rely on the generosity of our allies. The services are designed to help individuals on their journey of growing healthy again and moving forward positively, in both body and soul. 

TVH opportunities to contribute include:


  • Advocacy Positions: Each position requires that the applicant be at least 21 years old and undergo a rigorous, 65-hour training course. Additionally, applicants should be good listeners, empathetic, and able to commit to volunteering over the course of at least one year.
    • Crisis Line: Our Domestic Violence and Sexual Assault Counselors staff the Haven’s 24-hour Crisis Line. Both day and night shifts are available. Volunteers usually take one or two shifts a month.
    • Rape Crisis Advocates: Tri-Valley Haven Rape Crisis Center Advocates respond to sexual assault crisis line calls, as well as to domestic violence calls. They also provide in-person emotional support for victims by accompanying clients to the hospital, police department, court, and other appointments as necessary. Volunteers usually take one or two shifts a month.
    • Legal Clinic Advocates: Legal Clinic volunteers assist clients with various paperwork requirements associated with the Haven’s free Temporary Restraining Order service. Volunteers need to be computer literate, and usually work at one or two clinics a month.


  • Volunteer Opportunities: Volunteering at the Haven takes many shapes, but every job makes a critical contribution to our mission of creating homes safe from abuse, and building a world without violence. No level of skill is insufficient. We help people in need to heal and re-grow; is there a more important calling? People interested in volunteering at TVH should contact Lynne, Volunteer Coordinator at (925) 449-5845, ext. 2711, or via email at lynne@trivalleyhaven.org.
    *Multilingual and multicultural individuals encouraged to contact us for translating/interpreting opportunities to provide culturally competent care for our diverse clients. 

    • Childcare: Childcare volunteers interact with the children at our shelters while their mothers are in group meetings. Volunteers must be at least 21 years old, be dedicated and responsible, complete a condensed, 2-1/2 hour training course, be fingerprinted, and be willing to sign up for at least one shift per month.
    • Thrift Store: Thrift Store Volunteers receive, sort, and stock donated merchandise. Volunteers may also launder and/or mend donated merchandise as needed. Other responsibilities could include customer service and cashier work. Volunteers need to be 16 years or older, friendly, and with good attention to detail
    • Food Pantry: Volunteers at our food pantry help make and distribute food bags, stock shelves, and rotate food, as well as do filing and data entry. Individuals attend a two- to four-hour training session.
    • Special Events: At various times throughout the year, the Haven sponsors or participates in special community events such as Sexual Assault Awareness Month, Domestic Violence Awareness Month, Pace for Peace and Family Fair, Thanksgiving Basket Distribution, Holiday Warehouse Project, and others. We always need and welcome helping hands at these functions.
    • Group Volunteers: There are always jobs around the Community Building or at other locations that can benefit from the broad shoulders and great spirit of dedicated volunteers, and The Haven gratefully welcomes organizations that plan special days for doing charitable work. Jobs include painting, renovation, yardwork and maintenance, and help at special events, such as food distribution at the holidays.
    • For Teens: Teenagers 13 years of age and older are welcomed with open arms at the Haven. Even though they don’t work directly with our clients, there are many opportunities for them to contribute, from helping in the office, or at the food pantry, or by volunteering for special events, such as fundraisers, car washes, and supply drives. Some jobs, such as helping with childcare, require the supervision of an adult.


  • Donating: Help us to create homes safe from abuse, to contribute to a more peaceful society.
    • Direct Financial Donations: Those wishing to make a one-time donation can simply click on the link below. The process is clear, simple, and quick. If you work for an employer that has a relationship with United Way, you can also direct a portion of your monthly check to go to Tri-Valley Haven. Some employers match their employee’s charitable contributions; please inquire if your company can help you increase your donation. https://donatenow.networkforgood.org/trivalleyhaven?code=TVHTrack
    • CSECC and United Way Contributions: Does your workplace participate in the CA State Employees Charitable Contributions (CSECC) or United Way campaign? Are you interested in helping Tri-Valley Haven? If YES, please write in the following donation on your annual campaign form:

      Tri-Valley Haven
      3663 Pacific Ave
      Livermore, CA 94550
      Tax ID: #94-2462357


    • Become a Member of Tri-Valley Haven: Becoming a member of our organization — at a financial level that’s comfortable for you — has several advantages. First, your contribution, coming as it does on a monthly basis, represents a steady income stream that helps us in our planning. Additionally, and as importantly, you strengthen our organization by your very involvement. We need your help!
    • Tri-Valley Haven Thrift Store: Shop or Donate! A true treasure hunter’s delight awaits you at the new and improved Tri-Valley Haven Thrift Store. Tri-Valley Haven’s sparkling thrift store sells items at great prices and all proceeds go to Tri-Valley Haven programs! With beautiful recent upgrades like new flooring, lighting, racks and more, the Haven Thrift Store is clean, bright, stuffed full of amazing bargains, and ready to serve the community. You can benefit our services either by shopping here, or donating here. It’s a win-win proposition.
      • The Haven Thrift Store is located at 116 North L Street in Livermore California, 94550. Open 7 days a week, 10:00 AM – 6:00 PM. Donations ONLY accepted between 11:00 AM – 2:00 PM.

        To contact the store by phone, please call (925) 449-1177.
    • Non-financial Donations, Our Wish List: The Haven solicits and appreciates the donation of new items that may be distributed to our residents and clients. These include personal hygiene products, cleaning products, as well as other items that may be suitable as gifts during the holidays. Gently used household items and furniture are accepted on an as-needed basis.

      For a complete list of acceptable items, please contact us at 925-449-5845.
    • BART Riders: Drop Your Tiny Tickets Off at Tri-Valley Haven’s Community Building – 3663 Pacific Avenue in Livermore! Or mail them to P.O. Box 2190, Livermore, 94551! Tiny tickets are those hoards of BART tickets, often discarded or left in pockets or drawers, that have tiny bits of value left on them, a nickel, a dime, and more in some cases, that could be turned into cash. Although currently the residual value of tickets may be consolidated, refunded or exchanged by BART, the majority of such tickets are left unused. The Tiny Tickets Program allows these resources to provide needed support to local community-based organizations.
    • Search and Shopping Portals: Tri-Valley Haven is registered with GoodSearch.com. This is a website like Google or Yahoo! that allows a portion of the revenues generated from any search you make using the site to be directed to the charity of your choice. All you do is identify Tri-Valley Haven as your charity, and then search as you normally would. It’s free, easy, and completely automatic! You can even put a GoodSearch toolbox in your browser. Try Goodsearch now!

      Other ways to help Tri-Valley Haven during your everyday activities is to do your online shopping via portals such as igive.com, or — during the course of your daily errands — to use our new SHARES food cards, which may be used at several of your favorite grocery stores. In each case, a portion of your eligible purchases come to the Haven — automatically! Call us at 925-449-5845 to sign up for your free SHARES card.
    • Facebook Tri-Valley Haven has a “Cause” page on this popular social networking site, allowing you to make online donations directly from that page. https://www.facebook.com/trivalleyhaven/

Tri-Valley Haven hopes to help you contribute to others on their journey toward hope and healing this new year. 


If you are seeking crisis counseling or are seeking shelter, please call our crisis line at 925.449.5842 or 800.884.8119.

You can reach our counseling and administrative offices at 925.449.5845

Our Food Pantry‘s phone number is 925.449.1664

Our Community Building is located at:  3663 Pacific Avenue      Livermore, CA 94550

Our Pleasanton Office is by appointment only.

Our Thrift Store116 N. L Street, Livermore CA, 94550 Open 7 days a week, 10 AM- 6 PM

Donations ONLY accepted between 11:00 AM – 3:00 PM Phone: (925) 449-1177

Adriana is a Bilingual Sexual Assault Advocate and Human Trafficking Specialist at Tri-Valley Haven.  For more information about how you can support our life-saving services for survivors and families, please call our office at (925) 449-5845 or visit http://www.trivalleyhaven.org

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