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A Smart Gift – by Sara (Tri-Valley Haven Grant-Writer)

Not too long ago, the Haven received a small card from a former client. She was writing us to let us know she was okay, and to thank us for all the support she received from our agency. With her card, she’d enclosed a small gift to support Tri-Valley Haven.

I work in fundraising. I write grants and appeals, which means I am sometimes buried in paperwork. But every once in a while, I take out this card and read it again to remind myself what I’m working for—this success: Someone who has overcome crisis, healed, and gone on to thrive to the point that she feels able to give a little back. It doesn’t matter the size of the gift; it’s her act of giving that speaks volumes.

So I’m writing here to ask you to make a similar act and sign up to become a monthly donor to Tri-Valley Haven. It doesn’t have to be a huge amount; even a small gift made regularly can add up to a meaningful success.

Giving monthly is smart. Steady donations allow the Haven to plan ahead so we can use your support most effectively.  It’s also efficient. Once you sign up we’ll remove you from our appeals list, saving more time and money. We’ll only contact you to tell you what’s happening at the Haven.  And it’s easy! You can sign up on our site and your donation will be deducted automatically each month on the date you choose. You can modify the date your gift will be deducted at any time.

When people like you join together, the impact of your giving is magnified. We hope you will join us in reaching our goal of $4,000 in monthly donations by the time Tri-Valley Haven turns 40 in June of 2017.

Thanks to the mmail-thank-you-card-235x300any donors who’ve already stepped up, we’re half-way there!  Please help us reach this important goal! Make this smart gift remembering the times people helped you, or when you helped someone else, or wanted to but couldn’t. Or think of this little card of thanks that we received in the mail. With your gift, you can help create more success stories like hers.


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