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Tri-Valley Haven Thrift Store Victim of Weekend Theft

On the first weekend of January, the Tri-Valley Haven Thrift Store at 116 North L Street in Livermore was victimized by a burglary involving the loss of $7,000 and property damage to windows and doors.  Police investigation of the incident is ongoing.

The Tri-Valley Haven Thrift Store has been in the midst of upgrades, generously donated by members of Asbury United Methodist Church, and the thefts were a shock to staff, volunteers and shoppers at the store.

The real tragedy is that the Tri-Valley Hav10420788_882823058412670_6207162463202371478_nen Thrift Store’s purpose is to support the community in two ways – the first by directly benefiting patrons of the store, who can purchase gently-used goods at low prices to help support low incomes. Secondly, the Tri-Valley Haven Thrift Store is positioned to financially support all of the Haven’s programs for survivors of domestic violence, sexual assault, and homelessness.  With the theft, the lost revenue, and the resulting repairs and upgrades needed to safeguard against subsequent break-ins, the Haven Thrift Store itself is now struggling to survive and the programs it supports are struggling even harder than they were before the new year started.

Members of the public interested in donating can go to the Tri-Valley Haven website at www.trivalleyhaven.org.  For questions or concerns, contact Ann King, Executive Director, Tri-Valley Haven.

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  1. horrible!

  2. What a tragedy. Tri-Valley haven really relies on the thrift store to help our clients. It is hard to comprehend.


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