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Awesome People Being Awesome – Thanks, “Bill The Librarian” for this great post!

484991_10151099306816879_963690422_nHey… do you have your OWN blog?  Are you on Facebook?  Twitter?  How about talking about being an active bystander in your own blog?  I just ran across this EXCELLENT post by “Bill Drew The Librarian” who has his blog on WordPress as well!  Here is what Bill has to say and I couldn’t have said it better, myself.  Thank you, Bill, for this excellent post and advice and for being out there, helping to make the world a better place, a blog post at a time! 🙂  As I run across other people speaking up about being an active bystander or offering advice… I will try to post about them as well.  We need to support the folks around us who are raising their voices to help others.

A Free Gift to Share with your Loved Ones

With the holiday season upon us, some of us eat a little more and drink a little more than we normally do. Don’t let drinking lower your inhibitions and ruin your or another’s life. Watch out for others’ out-of-control behaviors, too. Please share this information with your children and loved ones.

Be an Active Bystander!

– Active Bystanders take the initiative to help someone who may be targeted for a sexual assault by a predator
– Active Bystanders also take the initiative to help friends who aren’t thinking clearly from becoming perpetrators of crime – Intervention doesn’t mean that you only step in to stop a crime in progress. These steps are “early intervention” BEFORE the crime begins

How? ABCs of Active Bystander Intervention.
– Assess for safety. Ensure that all parties are safe, and assess whether the situation requires calling proper authorities. When deciding to intervene, your personal safety should be the #1 priority. When in doubt, call for help.
– Be with others. If safe to intervene, you’re likely to have a greater influence on the parties involved when you work together with someone or several people. Your safety may increase when you stay with a group of friends who you know well.
– Care for the victim. Ask if the victim of the unwanted sexual advance, attention or behavior is okay? Does he/she need medical care? Does he/she want to talk to a Victim Advocate to see about reporting the matter? Ask if someone he/she trusts can help to get them home safely.

Strategies for Active Bystander Intervention

– Calmly and politely talk directly to the person who is acting inappropriately, or to the potential victim
– Suggest that someone observing the situation might be concerned about the person’s conduct
– Tell them that you are looking out for them. You would not want someone to misinterpret what they said, it could be taken the wrong way
– Ask them if they thought how their words or actions might make the other person feel
– Utilize creative options to distract the people involved in order to de-escalate the situation. This may involve humor or appealing to other interests of the people involved
– Tell them you don’t think the comment of joke is funny – Find his/her friends and implore them to intervene. Remember, there is strength in numbers
– Report what you observed “up the chain” and seek guidance on how to respond

If a problem occurs, call 911 or your local rape and domestic violence agency.

Let this be a happy, healthy holiday season for everyone.

Here’s a link:



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