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Well, isn’t this interesting? (And disturbing)

So, I just did a big blog post about the Mallory Owens story, which has already had some twists and turns.  Now there is apparently a NEW twist–this one being that Mallory’s lawyer has just quit after Mallory made a statement saying that the EARLIER statement theoretically put out by her lawyer with her consent, and featured on GLAAD… isn’t really what happened or doesn’t really represent what Mallory wanted to say.

The story is just getting more convoluted–there were rumblings that the beating was not done “because of” Mallory’s orientation and dating of Ally Hawkins… but that it was because Travis, Ally’s brother, was angry that Ally and Mallory had done drugs and prostituted themselves/each other.

Um… wow.

In short, an already tragic, complex and horrible story is now tragic, complex, horrible and… confusing.  I wonder personally if Mallory is being threatened by the Hawkins family, or members of it, and is thus changing her story to fit what they want portrayed about the incident.  What about the previous time Mallory was assaulted by the brother, Travis?  Was that before or after allegedly learning of this drugs and prostitution element?  Who knows?  I certainly do not.  But I wonder.

However, I am leaving my earlier post up because I do believe that my observations about bystander intervention on the web are still quite valid and important.  By the same token, I certainly don’t want to unintentionally spread misinformation or unclear information in the blog.

Consider this post a disclaimer for the previous and perhaps a “to be continued…”

No matter what, nobody deserves to be beaten as this young woman was beaten.  That can still be safely said.

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