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Welcome to Prevention, Power & Peace! – A New Blog by Tri-Valley Haven

The first words are always awkward–whether we’re saying hello to someone in person, or online… the first words are always hard to come up with.  I am staring at this white screen as I type, knowing this.  And yet, first words are exciting, too.  They bring up new possibilities, hopes for positive relationships, building alliances, strengthening convictions and movements.

This blog is about all of that.  But it is specifically about the mission of our agency–to increase Prevention, Power…and Peace.  Prevention of what?  Power to whom?  And… peace?  Do we really believe in that, anymore, in this hard world?  Yes.  Yes, we do.  And now to answer the first two questions:

What do we want to Prevent?  Tri-Valley Haven is a domestic violence shelter, rape crisis center and homeless shelter located in the Tri-Valley area of California.  We have been around over 30 years, and so our purpose is both long-lived and deeply held.  For the purposes of THIS blog, though, what we want to talk about is Preventing date rape and sexual assault.  We’ll talk about what the Haven is doing now–classes and presentations and other resources locally.  But we’ll also be discussing current events, developments in the courts, news stories from local sources AND further away.  And we want to hear from YOU.  What do YOU think?  How do YOU think we can prevent sexual violence?  How are YOU involved in prevention, or how would you LIKE to be involved?

Power to whom?  ALL OF US.  One of the ways to prevent sexual assault and violence is to increase our own power–to keep ourselves safe, to keep others safe.  There are so many ways we can do that–learning women’s self-defense can be a way.  Organizing together to lobby for better laws, or to increase awareness of sexual violence and how it impacts lives… that’s another.  Donating to non-profits that have their “boots on the ground” in the fight can be yet another way.  This blog is about exploring options, talking about how to make a change in our own lives, our community, and ultimately the world around us.

And Peace… ultimately, what we want is the mission statement of our agency: “Together, We Build a World Without Violence.”

In the next posts, you’re going to get to know the Tri-Valley Haven bloggers – Carolyn, Genevieve and Jennifer.  We come from different jobs and perspectives in our agency, and we are looking forward to having an ongoing conversation with all of you.  Because we want this blog to be informative, interesting, challenging… and a safe environment, we will say up front that it IS a moderated blog.  We do reserve the right to modify or delete comments that are outright abusive, or that might jeopardize the safety of someone.  Please know that if you are in an abusive relationship of any kind, posting online can potentially be very dangerous if your abuser stalks you.  For that reason, we can’t safely do counseling online on the blog.  If you are in danger or need to talk about a situation you are in, PLEASE call Tri-Valley Haven at (800) 884-9119 so that we can help you in a confidential and secure manner.

For more information on Tri-Valley Haven, come to our website at:  http://www.trivalleyhaven.org or join our Facebook page!

Thank you, and I look forward so much to talking with you more!

– Carolyn

Education & Communications Specialist

Tri-Valley Haven

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